Project: Digitize/Historicize

Wikipedia serves as an encyclopedia of human knowledge. While Wikipedia is not considered an academically sound source, it is one of the most popular web pages, and the often first “go-to” when seeking information. Through Wikipedia I have been working on creating pages that reflect my own knowledge: the field of metalsmithing+jewelry. Information about the field of metalsmithing+jewelry is often hard to track down (if existent at all) and spread out through books, magazines, and online articles. It is my hope that in gathering information, categorizing it, and giving it a narrative, that the information about the field will become more widely disseminated, used, and understood.


Wiki pages I’ve started:

Art Jewelry Forum

Lauren Fensterstock

Susie Ganch



For those who are interested in the project, have any questions, or are interested in working on something similar, please feel free to contact me.